Our learners range from 4 year olds up to senior adults and with all of them we use the same language skills (Speaking, Listening (Reading and Writing from the age of 6)).

4-6 Y


Preschool children are 4, 5 and 6 year-olds and work with them means a lot of acting, playing, interactive games and mini workshops in which children let go of fear to speak Second Language.
In September this year we are starting our 7th school year with four-year-olds, and we notice great results which are proven with their shows and excellent using of simple language.

1.-4. Y

School-age learners

School-age learners are children from 1st grade Elementary School up to 4th grade Secondary School. Depending on the needs and knowledge of learners, we create groups which follow the programme that our school makes for them.
School-age children often have an inclination for International Exams which is also our goal and in that case we schedule the appropriate exams for our learners at British Council in Belgrade.



Adult learners learn language for various reasons, like business, education or they simply want to be ready for travelling and communication in a foreign country. Their courses last for 6 months, but in most cases they decide to continue educational enhancement even after they have successfully passed the first course.