Turnir društvenih igara

Igre koje igramo godinama kroz časove i jezičke vežbice, odlučili smo da pretvorimo u veliko druženje za sve generacije u školi i van nje. Turnir je održan 17.4.2022. u Plavoj sali Hotela Šumarice i veliki broj učesnika je posetio ovaj događaj. Veliki broj nastavnika, saradnika i volontera bio je uključen u ovaj projekat učinivši ga […]

Review of ‘Ja imam talenat’

Nowadays, talent shows are extremely popular amogst people of all ages, since they cover multiple areas of entertainment attractive to different profiles. Out of many talent shows in my country, “Ja imam talenat” is the one that sticks out of the bunch and is the most popular one. The idea of the show is to […]

A review

Self-studying coding has never been more convenient. Especially during a pandemic, when the circumstances are extreme and quite different from what the students were used to – a website such as petlja.org is here to make the improvement of your coding skills a much easier and enjoyable experience. How does it work? All you need […]

Report on Lenovo 2 laptop

Introduction The aim of this report is to give my assessment and express honest opinion on the characteristics of the Lenovo 2 laptop, as well as its usefullness and overall performance. Gadget exterior This latop has a highly appealing shiny, silver, mirror-like exterior, which is also dust resistant. With high pixel matte display it is […]


Introduction The aim of this report is to present the electronic gadget I use regularly, which in my case is a smartphone and show its capabilities and the ways it can be used. Capabilites Nowadays mostly everyone has at least encountered, if not owns a smartphone and is very aware of it’s capabilities. From phones […]

Proposal 2

History of our own country Introduction The aim of this proposal is to suggest which periods of history we should focus on and how we can display the presentation to make it interesting for the generation of students that’s going to see it. The dynasty of Nemanjići I suggest we make a significant portion of […]


Hi Luka, I have just got back and I’m already bored here. It was a great experience, I had a great time and learned a lot. I made some new friends and my language skills improved drasticaly. Classes were not as annoying as I thought they would be, the student programme was great because I […]

Essay – The future of transport

Every year more cities can be added to the list of extremely polluted ones. Of course, a lot of factors are contributing to that – but one of the, if not the most significant, is for sure the gas emission from traffic. That is not a new issue, and certainly, people have been trying to […]


Statistics have shown that every year the number of students and working adults experiencing some kind of back problems rises. Sadly, back problems are not the only negative result of the rising trend of inactivity in the lifestyle of a 21st century human. This has been an ongoing issue for a long time so the […]

An informal letter

Dear Ella, I am happy to hear from you again. It is hard to believe that you are already eighteen and will be going to university soon! Where to live during your studies is not an easy decision to make, because it will have an impact on your daily life for the next four years, […]