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Essay – The future of transport

Every year more cities can be added to the list of extremely polluted ones. Of course, a lot of factors are contributing to that – but one of the, if not the most significant, is for sure the gas emission from traffic. That is not a new issue, and certainly, people have been trying to solve it for quite a long period of time already.

One of the ideas would be to raise the fuel prices, so less people would choose to drive on a daily basis and instead opt for a walk or a bike ride. Even going somewhere by a bus is a much better option than driving a car – because one bus produces way less toxic pollution compared to how it would be if all of those people drove cars. However, the results of that specific move might not only be positive – as so many businesses depend on transport, and would probably lose a lot of money with fuel prices being higher.

The other option depends on the mentality of the people, because campaigning is not always that effective. Nevertheless, any attempt at trying to raise awareness is better than letting the living conditions get worse as days pass.

The problem of how to make transport more environmentally friendly seems to have many possible solutions, however the governments are the ones with the responsibility and ability to take steps towards doing what’s good for the planet.

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